Clouds2Max is a plugin that provides a simple solution for importing point clouds into the 3ds Max environment.


  • The Cloud2max plugin will allow you to import pointclouds directly into 3ds Max without the need for additional software.
  • Combine multiple point clouds in one environment
  • Create your 3d environment from the laser scan data directly in the 3ds Max interface
  • Use the scan as it is, placing additional objects into the scan
  • Animate vehicles, characters or other relative items
  • Support for Max 2011, 2012 and 2013
  • Fast, tactile environment
  • Supported formats include .pts and the new E57 standard
  • Files are imported and converted to a binary format to load quickly
  • Rendering modes include Scanline, Mental Ray and Screen Capture (works very well)
  • The view port can support up to 100 million visible points (60 Million points on a 1GB video Card plus points can be loaded into system RAM)
  • Modeling from point clouds creates very accurate results
  • Multiple clip boxes are supported, allowing for exceptional scene management
  • Render with shadows (although there are better, faster methods involving render elements and compositing)

Visit the Clouds2Max website for further information.

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