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AI2-3D Articles
Forensic Uses of 3D Printing
Open Source Tools For Forensic Reconstructions Parts 1-4
Documenting Clothing in 3D

A Primer on 3D Scanning in Forensics, Part 1
A Primer on 3D Scanning in Forensics, Part 2
Microsoft’s Photosynth: A Future Forensic Tool?
Admissibility of Forensic Animations
Cost Factors of a Forensic Animation
Forensic Virtual Models in the Courtroom
Introduction to Forensic Animation Technology
Photogrammetry in Forensics Introduction
Lesser Known Benefits of Forensic Animations

Other Articles
Seeing is Beliving-Graphical Evidence and Its Effect on the Viewer
Canadian firm AI2-3D uses laser-scanning equipment at crime scene
Forensic science meets computer animation-in the courtroom
Admission of Forensic Animations
How To Assess a Forensic Animation
An Animated Approach: Animation’s Admissibility in 6 Easy To Follow Steps
Time to Rethink 3M
The CSI Effect…in Civil Cases as Well as Criminal Ones
Visual Technology and Litigation Strategy
The Use of Technology in Complex Cases:Courtroom Tools for a Visual Culture
INTERNET LAW – In Pennsylvania, Computer-Generated Animation is Admitted as Demonstrative Evidence
Virtual Crime Scene Reconstruction with Animated Characters

Dustin Productions LLC, Atlanta, GA
EOS Systems – Makers of PhotoModeler Scanner
Final Analysis Forensics- Criminalistics
IFS-Independant Forensic Services, Forensic DNA and Medical Experts
Laser Scanning Forum – Forum for 3D Laser Scanning Technology
David Laser Scanner – Low cost scanning system with excellent results
Crime Sciences Inc.-Forensic Supplies and Products
Elcovision 10 – Photogrammetry Software
Hemospat-Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Software
Objex Unlimited-Rapid Prorotyping and Scanning Services
Go Evidence Forensic Laboratories

Forensic Science Related Sites
Crime Scene Investigators Resource Site ITSGOV.COM
International Association for Forensic Security & Metrology
Zeno’s Forensic Site
ACTAR-Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction
CATAIR-Canadian Association of Technical Accident Investigators and Reconstructionists
Science and Technology Resources on the Internet-George Washington University
Forensic Science Portal
The Forensic Forum
Pgrammetry – Everything Related to Photogrammetry

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