Faro Forensic Laser Scanning Training

The laser scanner is quickly becoming a valuable tool for crime scene and roadway accident documentation and reconstruction.  This hands on training course focuses on the applications of the laser scanner in forensic scene documentation and is meant for law enforcement agencies that are relatively new to laser scanner.  The course walks through the initial setup and use of the laser scanner, working with Faro Scene 5.0, registration of scans plus specific applications which include bloodstain pattern analysis, shooting scene reconstruction and suspect height analysis. (Duration – 3 Days-5 Days)





PhotoModeler Forensic Training

This course is application specific and covers topics such as bloodstain mapping, vehicle bullet trajectories, crime scene measurement and suspect height. The course is “hands on” where students are expected to complete a number of practical examples of forensic scene documentation and modeling using their digital cameras and the PhotoModeler software to obtain measurements and create 3D models. (Duration – 5 days)


3ds Max Forensic Reconstruction Training

This course is a fundamentals course that introduces students to creating 3D reconstructions with 3DS Max.  Topics covered include modeling, animation, lighting, rendering, importing and working with total station data and texturing. The course focus is on crime and accident scene reconstruction and also deals with the admissibility of evidence in court.  (Duration – 5 days)

Photogrammetry Documentation Seminar

The digital camera is one of the most utilized tools in forensic investigations.  What most people do not realize is that their digital cameras can also be used as a highly accurate surveying instrument. This one day seminar will instruct attendees on the methods and techniques required to photograph and preserve measurement information in 3D.  Some examples of processing photographs using photogrammetry software and freely available tools will be shown.  Topics include Photogrammetry Theory, Camera Calibration, Applications, Targets and Feature Marking, Automated Processing, Bullet Trajectory Documentation, Roadway Evidence, Bloodstains and Ortho Photos, Footprints, Suspect Height. (Duration – 1 Day)

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